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winterfest was fun. learned some things about people i kind of wish i hadn't. but it was all fun...danced with a TON of people...some were better than others...cough cough hehe...:-D

so yes. first oj's practice was today...:-D omg my team is so flippin amazing. i love it lol. i'm the only DS so far though...the only one couldn't do everyone that was there today(kristen, allison, colleen, shannon, brogan, hayley, kristen, and paige), mad love with the happy feet.

and track starts tuesday. fun stuff. can't wait.

i'm sorry but this just made my day...

Aceospades55 (5:07:45 PM): My booty looks phenomonal in baseball pants
sportshun274 (5:07:53 PM): oh i bet
sportshun274 (5:08:15 PM): now i'd pay money for that har har
Aceospades55 (5:08:30 PM): Yessirr
Aceospades55 (5:08:35 PM): And you will have to
Aceospades55 (5:08:49 PM): This sweet package isnt just for anyone
Aceospades55 (5:08:58 PM): Paying clientell only
sportshun274 (5:09:03 PM): you whore
sportshun274 (5:09:04 PM): hah

then a little while later...only certain people can really get this though...

sportshun274 (5:11:02 PM): so i guess i'll be rolling a lot of ping pong balls into the dugout, eh? hehe
Aceospades55 (5:11:58 PM): I can only hope
sportshun274 (5:12:20 PM): oh you bet your ass i will
sportshun274 (5:13:03 PM): too bad if you do that i'll trip over a hurdle
sportshun274 (5:13:08 PM): and that won't be fun
Aceospades55 (5:13:45 PM): It will for me
sportshun274 (5:14:07 PM): yes you and your sexy baseball pants will laugh
Aceospades55 (5:14:38 PM): Yessirr

hahaha...good times good times...

arnolds next weekend...SUPER pumped for don't understand man this is like the highlight of my the cell saturday night and see how i did hehe...and also sunday night...competing both days! :D so excited...

oh yes and i taught people how to 1 2 step at the dance last night also...and popped it...:-D fun fun fun!
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