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roar...kind of confused right now...urgh not again.'s amazingly gorgeous, pays attention to me, overall good guy. another is kind of immature, but he's sooo sweet at times. the't know how to say's so...weird...i think he might want to but word says he doesn't want a girlfriend. hm...who knows...whoever jumps first, i guess ;-) lol

Would you look at him,
He looks at me
He's got me thinkin about him constantly
But he don't know how I feel...

So was a good day for Abbey.  woot.  1st hour, fun.  Subs are fun.  2nd hour, it's so much fun to piss Ms. Watson off.  3rd hour, i love my table.  Kale, Colvin, Bryce, you guys are the best.  good times.  Lunch, hehe.  i <3 this kid.  hes soooooooo adorable lol...trying to act all cool and shiiit...and rachel caught us flirting (aka kicking eachother) ha.  4th hour, eh.  funny commercials.  6th, omg.  i love math.  kartik, bryce, dustin, sam, adam, good times.  my arm is still red.  and my boobs hurt lol.  7th, bio is fun, especially sitting next to Kale and Sloan.  And Vinny and Brandon were'nt there, so all the better!  Track, my love.  Ahhh...more good times with Chris and Steven.  The camera phone, etc.  Can't wait til next weekend.

And he carries on without a doubt
I wonder if he's figured out
I'm crazy for this boy,
I'm crazy for this boy...

<3 abs
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