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the name 20 people thingy...

1. Halita!

2. Adam (in particular his very comfortable pants)

3. Brycey Poo

4. Sam

5. Cameron aka Conrad!

6. Kale

7. Brie Be

8. Bradley

9. K-izza

10. Hannah Banana

11. Zacharykins

12. Fergie!(aka Ari)

13. Joey-myah

14. mr. penis on his shirt(aka Eric)

15. schick quatttro al-bonk

16. Cranberry Grandberry

17. The other abby

18. Heiss Udo (aka Jacob)

19. Drama Geek Barrifuss

20. Jonathon who gives me weird looks in german!

Is #9 a boy or a girl? girly!

Would #1 and #2 make a cute couple? comment ;-)

about #18 and #4? oh dear god no that's like the apacolypse!

What grade is #17 in? frosh

When was the last time you talked to #12? oh boy a while!

What is #6's favorite band? that's a toughie...i'll take A WILD STAB IN THE DARK and say dave matthews. um duh!

Does #1 have any siblings? yes he's my little brother too lol ryan!

Would you ever date #3? haha according to Mrs Lewiston we already are but that'd be weird

Would you ever date #7? if i swang like that, lol

Is #16 single? i really don't know, considering he's all graduated and all

What's #15's last name? BONK!!!

What's #10's middle name? omg this is so sad i know this uuuggggh...random guess marie?

What's #5's favorite thing to do? hahahaahaha work out, run, etc do anything to show off his godsend body, which is sent from god.

Is #13 hot? lol with a middle name isreal it has to be good

Would #14 and #19 make a good couple? actually i think they would...

What school does #20 go to? WBHS

Tell me a random fact about #11: he picks his baseball numbers according to his age :-D

And #3: looks really good with his glasses on lol and is good at making fountains

Have you ever had a crush on #15? b/c allison is a sexy beast like that...

Where does #9 live? WATERTUCKY!!

What's #4's favorite color? black and pink...haha and sherbert!!

Would you makeout with #14? haven't we already been over this? if you didn't know, yes.

Does #10 have any pets? a doggie

Is #12 older than you? no sir i'm 5 days older than she is :-)

Is # 17 the sexiest person alive, or what? hahaha of course she shares my name she has to be sexy :-)

Is #8 an introvert or an extrovert? depends who he's with...around me he is...really strange times lol

thirteen random things you like.
01) boyssss
02) track and field
03) volleyball
04) hanging out with friends
05) biology
06) music
07) riding my bike
08) Second City
09) Ocracoke!
10) MSU sports camps
11) beaches!
12) karaoke
13) pretty gifts

.twelve random things you want.
01) a boy :/
02) to live life to the fullest
03) get into a good school
04) my varsity jacket (8/25 i get it!!!)
05) "world peace"
06) to make all state by senior year
07) did i say a boy?
08) and a boy?
09) how about a boy?
10) a nice toned body :-)
11) a boa constrictor
12) a my size barbie!

.eleven good bands -or- artists.
01) Donovan Frankenreiter
02) The Killers
03) DMB
04) The Who
05) BSB 4 life hah
06) Alanis Morisette
07) BNL
08) Led Zeppelin
09) Alisson Krauss
10) Green Day
11) Postal Service

.ten things about you [physically].
01) i'm really short (5'2)
02) brown hair
03) blue eyes (some people say that their grey)
04) i have massive calves ;-)
05) im more blessed behind than i am in front
06) one ear is higher than the other
07) a foldable tounge
08) again, huge legs
09) little toes
10) size 7 feet

.nine thoughts.
01) i need a boy
02) i'm going to miss being a freshman!
03) florida and utah are gonna be fun
04) can't wait for track camp!
05) i see my maxipoo this summer!!1 woooooo
06) is it bigger than a breadbox?
07) god damn * is gorgeous lol
08) cookies are done!
09) mmm...cookies...

.eight favorite foods -or- drinks.
01) angel hair. yes!
02) non-kosher granola bars
03) water
04) chocolate milk
05) cookies
06) chicken picatta
07) mint mocha frap
08) carrots!

.seven things you wear daily.
01) panties!
02) an almost un-needed bra!
03) some sort of shirt
04) some type of pant-like things
05) shoesies
06) hair bands
07) jewlery

.six things that annoy you.
01) annoying people!
02) hypocrites
03) people who think that they're the shit
04) i know eric's going to be mad at me for this but emo people. gosh, cheer up! lol
05) being ignored :/
06) getting lead on

.five things you touch everyday.
02) my phone
03) my backpack
04) money
05) haha no comment...:-) just kidding, um a doorknob?

.four shows you watch.
01) Desperate Houswives
02) Next
03) Laker Update
04) Weather Channel

.three people you don't know but you know...
01) uhm...?
02) ?
03) ?

.two things you hate.
01) things that are WRONG!!
02) wrongness?

.one thing you love
01) life?

the new cosmo is great...
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